Precautions during the use of LED rental display screens

rental led displays

LED rental display screens have been favored and welcomed by customers since their launch. They are widely used in stage rental, song and dance events, various press conferences, exhibitions, sports venues, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multifunctional halls, conference rooms, performance halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, and other places.

LED rental display screens are lightweight, have a thin structure, and are easy to install, meeting the requirements of rental occasions; Easy to load and unload, easy to operate, whole screen loading and unloading rely on quick bolt fixation and connection, which can accurately and quickly frame and disassemble the screen, and can assemble different shapes to meet on-site requirements; Unique technology: The unique welding process optimized structural design avoids the on-site malfunction caused by poor contact of electronic product solder joints due to frequent handling;
LED rental display screens are relatively cost-effective to rent, and can be installed and maintained by rental companies, saving a lot of trouble in use. So what should be noted during the use of stage LED rental display screens?
1. Company reputation
There is a professional team for renting stage LED display screens. Stage LED rental display screens are first-class equipment and provide good customer service. Otherwise, it can be a headache to ignore or handle them after charging.
2. LED display screen rental price
The price for renting stage LED display screens is currently around 800 per square meter in the market. In addition, the price needs to be calculated based on the length of lease, screen size, and type to provide a reasonable quotation.
3. Quality of LED rental display screens
The flatness, brightness, visual angle, color reproduction, and absence of dead spots of LED display screens all affect the playback effect of stage LED display screens and also have an impact on the atmosphere of the event.
4. The shooting distance should be appropriate
As mentioned earlier about the spacing and filling factor of the argument, the appropriate shooting distance for stage LED displays varies depending on the spacing between points and the filling factor. Taking an LED screen with a dot spacing of 4.25 millimeters and a filling factor of 60% as an example, it is more appropriate to have a distance of 4-10 meters between the subject and the screen, so that excellent background images can be obtained when shooting characters.
5. Ensure a good usage environment
The stage LED display screen is mainly composed of control board, switch power supply, light-emitting devices, etc., and the lifespan and stability of all these components are closely related to the working temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the specified range of use of the product, not only will its lifespan be shortened, but the product itself will also be severely damaged. Furthermore, the threat of dust cannot be ignored. Working in environments with high levels of dust, due to the adsorption of dust by PCBs, the deposition of dust can affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, leading to an increase in component temperature, a decrease in thermal stability, and even leakage. In severe cases, it can cause

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