Pixel knowledge of indoor outdoor full-color LED display screens

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Pixel pitch: The minimum luminous unit of an LED display screen, which has the same meaning as pixels in regular computer displays;
Pixel dot: Each individually controllable luminous unit in an LED display screen;
Pixel diameter: Pixel diameter Å refers to the diameter of each LED emitting pixel, measured in millimeters.
Pixel spacing: The center distance between two pixels of an large LED screen is called pixel spacing, also known as point spacing. The closer the distance between points, the higher the pixel density per unit area, the higher the resolution, and the higher the cost. The smaller the pixel diameter, the smaller the distance between points.

The most commonly used methods currently include: 1. Pixel sharing technology 2. Dynamic pixel technology 3. Virtual pixel technology
1. Pixel sharing technology: A complete independent pixel in the display terminal is cyclically refreshed by the information of multiple adjacent pixels in the signal source through time division multiplexing. Multiple pixels in the signal source can be understood to share a complete independent pixel of the display terminal in a time division multiplexing manner.
2. Dynamic pixel technology: Splitting a pixel into several independent LED units. Each LED unit reproduces the corresponding primary color information of several adjacent pixels in a time division multiplexing manner.
3. Virtual Pixel Technology: In a display system, when the displayed information scrolls in a certain direction in a certain way, utilizing the characteristic of human visual pauses, a series of moving, physically non-existent virtual pixels will be generated between adjacent pixels. Therefore, each LED single tube is adjusted to enhance the resolution of the LED display screen and achieve the best image effect. Theoretically, the image resolution can be increased by four times.
In summary, the technical indicators of full-color LED display screens include not only the pixel aspect, but also the following aspects: sufficiently high brightness, grayscale, scan refresh rate, viewing distance, and viewing angle; The value of LED display screens is reflected in aspects such as color reproduction, video signal processing ability, and structural technology.

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