How to choose the appropriate LED display screen cooling equipment

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The high temperature in the hot summer can cause significant damage to P3 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 outdoor LED display products, leading to a rapid increase in the probability of electronic component failure and a decrease in the reliability of LED displays. In order to control the temperature of the electronic components inside the LED display screen and ensure that it does not exceed the specified maximum allowable temperature under the working environment conditions of the LED display screen, it is necessary to carry out heat dissipation design for the LED display screen.
The internal heat generation of LED display screens is large, and the electronic components that generate a lot of heat are: LED, driver IC, and switch power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to design heat dissipation for LED screens, providing a low thermal resistance path between the heat source and the external environment to ensure the smooth transfer of heat.

Considering the usage of LED screens, rental screens and indoor fixed installation screens often use natural cooling and heat dissipation methods, while outdoor fixed installation screens often use forced air cooling and heat dissipation methods.
1、 LED screen within 20 square meters
1. For areas north of Guangdong Province, it is recommended not to use air conditioning for LED screens within 20 square meters. If conditions permit, using two small fans is sufficient.
2. In some cities in the south, such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Wuhan, Chongqing, etc., it is sufficient to install two fans. A fan diameter of about 500mm is sufficient, depending on the size of the installation space.
2、 Display screens with an area exceeding 20 square meters
1. If the installation position of the display screen is against the wall and can protrude one meter from the wall, it is recommended to choose fans according to the area size. The installation positions of the fans should be arranged above the side of the screen in sequence.
If you buy an 80 square meter PH16 outdoor LED full-color display screen, it means that you need 6 axial flow fans with a diameter of about 600mm. The fans are designed to extract air from the outside, and when installing the fans, it is important to ensure that there is a mesh inside to prevent technicians who are repairing the display screen from sucking clothes or other objects in and causing personal injury.
For waterproofing, aluminum alloy louvers should be installed on the fan outlet on the aluminum-plastic panel outside.
Wall mounted display screens can also be equipped with air conditioners, ensuring that the main unit of the air conditioner is in place and does not affect the overall appearance of the wall.
The selection of air conditioning has requirements. Generally, the most commonly used air conditioners are 1.5P, 2P, and 3P, with a calculation of 12 square meter 1P air conditioning in northern cities;
Southern cities use a 9 square meter 1P air conditioning calculation. If the outdoor LED display screen has a relatively large area, the air conditioner can be customized directly from the manufacturer. If the area is not large, it should be purchased from a specialty store. However, the display screen cooling air conditioner has a power compensation function.

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