Development Trend Analysis of LED Display Control System

P1-P1-25-P1-5-P1-66 led wall

The development of LED display has gone through three stages: monochrome, double primary and full color led panels.  In the process of development, the control system of LED display has also experienced the development process from low gray level 4 bits to up to 16 bits gray level, which makes the dynamic display effect of LED display constantly improve. Understanding the development of LED display control system is helpful to enhance the understanding of display products. Below is to share the development trend of LED display control system in 2018.

The speed of new technology and new products of LED control system to market is obviously accelerated: new technology and new products are constantly introduced into the market, which proves that the control system is progressing and the technology is becoming more and more perfect. But with the homogenization of hardware and the convergence of technology, the future control system will focus more on software development, and the focus of competition will also change from hardware and price to software competition.

In recent years, LED display has been developing towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous uniformity ratio, higher reliability, panchromatic and multimedia. The operation, operation and maintenance of the system are also developing towards integration, networking and intellectualization. The future display technology will be the era of flat panel display. As one of the leading products of flat panel display, LED display wall will have more room for development.

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