Intelligent application of LED display screen is the next development


With the continuous development and progress of LED display technology, today, the LED display screen has been able to compete with LCD, DLP advertising media products in the market. From the initial display of a single color, font, to now can display pictures, videos, three-dimensional animation and other multimedia information, but also human-screen interaction, the progress of LED display technology is amazing!

At present, the LED display wall industry is changing from rough development to fine production, and the pace of shuffling is also accelerating. The improvement of the degree of centralization has given birth to large enterprises and high-quality brands. In the future, the industry will be more centralized and the pattern will continue to change. In recent years, industrial manufacturing has been gradually separated from traditional manual manufacturing. Some manufacturers have realized intelligent integrated manufacturing by using intelligent production equipment. Enterprises have changed from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”. At present, it is quite forward-looking. In the future, many enterprises will play a greater role in “intelligent manufacturing”.

Nowadays, enterprises are constantly striving for breakthroughs on the issue of “smart manufacturing”, which is strongly advocated by national policies. The previous executive meeting of the State Council adopted the “Planning for Standardization and Quality Improvement of Equipment Manufacturing Industry”, calling for the docking of “Made in China 2025”, which will further lead the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. Implementing “intelligent manufacturing” and promoting standardization in key areas such as robots to achieve new breakthroughs. Faced with the concept of “smart manufacturing” sweeping the world and the concept of “smart manufacturing” deepening, the manufacturing industry of LED display screen has fully realized the importance of “smart manufacturing” in recent years, and peeped into the business opportunities of “smart manufacturing” and “smart application” of LED display screen. Many enterprises of LED display screen have made some practices on the application of LED intelligence, which are embodied in many aspects, such as family intelligence. Applications, Business Intelligence Applications, etc.

First, the research and development of home intelligent application technology makes “intelligence” available.

2. The clock on the wall is a huge LED display. It can automatically tell the time and provide you with alarm wake-up service. It only needs voice setting to complete.

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