Factors of the Quality of LED Electronic Display Screen Wall


At present, the LED electronic display screen has been widely used in the market. Whether you walk in the streets or busy downtown areas, you can see the image of the LED electronic display screen. Although the LED display screen has been popularized, but many customers do not know much about the common knowledge of the LED electronic display screen, the following small edition on some quality factors of the LED electronic display screen to introduce to you, hoping to give you a reference when choosing and purchasing products.

First, the influence of temperature on P4.81 LED electronic display screen: full-color LED display screen is very critical of environmental temperature, theoretically at room temperature of about 25 C, its working state is the best. But in fact, in the application of outdoor LED display, the ambient temperature is quite complex.

Second, the influence of IC: The working temperature range of IC is – 40 C – 85 C. Because of the high temperature outside, the temperature inside the box rises.

3. Box design: Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is the indispensable index of box design.

4. Power supply: Power supply is an important link affecting the quality of LED electronic display system. Because the power supply has different working stability, output voltage value and load capacity under different temperature conditions, its support ability directly affects the quality of LED display screen because it bears logistics support role. Different brands and specifications of power equipment, the price difference is very large, when we choose to buy, we can not only look at the low price, but also its performance and quality to choose.

There are many manufacturers of LED electronic display, many customers are very difficult to choose products, do not know how to choose, especially customers with selective syndrome. Now, the small arrangement of the above factors affecting the quality of the LED display screen, can be used as a reference for your products to choose and purchase, and quickly collect it! ___

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