How many protective details have you done for outdoor LED display?


Outdoor LED display is the most widely used product in the field of LED display. It is used in outdoor media advertising, community publicity, building decoration, public service information display, traffic information guidance, stage performances and other occasions, is the darling of outdoor advertising media. Although the outdoor LED display market is very popular, but in product maintenance, many customers in these areas of knowledge is still very scarce, we feel it is necessary to popularize outdoor LED display maintenance knowledge, let us explain

1. Switching sequence of LED display screen: first turn on the control computer to make it work properly, then turn on the outdoor LED display screen; first turn off the outdoor LED display screen, then turn off the computer.

2. When the outdoor LED display screen is found to be broken or other damaged, it should be replaced in time, special screws, pins, load-bearing beams, etc.

3. Periodically inspect whether the anti-rust paint on the surface of the outdoor LED display panel and the welded joints of steel structure is peeling off. If it is peeling off or rusting, it should be sprayed with anti-rust paint or coated with anti-rust paste in time.

4. The power supply of LED display should be stable, and the grounding protection should be good. Do not use it in bad natural conditions, especially in strong thunder and lightning weather. Check the reliability of lightning rod and grounding system regularly.

Above are the details and knowledge points that need to be paid attention to in the protection of outdoor LED display screen, you might as well check yourself to see how many are achieved?

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