large indoor display market for small spacing LED display, LCD, DLP?


In recent years, with the gradual maturity of small spacing LED display technology and market, its application in the field of indoor large screen splicing is becoming more and more common. Especially under the rapid development of smart city and security industry, the demand for large indoor screens is increasing in every city, and small spacing LED products are also popular all the way.

First, small spacing LED display screen, LCD, DLP display effect comparison: small spacing LED display screen in the display performance is very eye-catching.

Second, small-spacing LED display, LCD, DLP market performance comparison: 2016 can be regarded as the first year of the explosion of small-pixel pitch LED products, and 2017 is a steady step towards widespread application, in the field of indoor display has a successful place.

Third, the disadvantage of small spacing LED display can not be ignored: first, the problem of brightness, almost not affected by sunlight, light and other external light, making the LED display become the dominant outdoor field, and such characteristics indoors, will face the embarrassment of excessive brightness.

Compared with LCD and DLP, small spacing LED display has many disadvantages, among which high cost leads to high market price is the biggest obstacle to enter the low-end indoor display market. Whether small spacing LED display can maintain the momentum of rapid growth and grab the market share of LCD, depends on the efforts of major LED display manufacturers.

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