Do you know how to install p3.91 p7.81 p10.04 LED grilled transparent led screen?


LED grid screen is a kind of special LED display screen. It is the “makeup artist” of modern city. It plays an important role in the process of city lighting and beautification. LED grid screen is widely used in building curtain wall, building top, outdoor advertising and other scenes. What problems should we pay attention to during the installation of the LED grille screen? The next edition will talk with you about the installation and construction of LED grille screen common sense.

1. Selection of installation location of building LED grid screen: inspect the wall quality of the building where the LED grid screen is installed, and survey whether the wall of the building can bear the weight of the structure of the LED grid screen; avoid the display area being blocked by other buildings or trees, so as to avoid affecting people’s visual viewing effect; ensure the stability of the LED grid screen and install it. Operation safety.

2. Structural confirmation of large outdoor LED grille screen: For outdoor LED display screen installed on the wall of building, in the design of structural construction drawings of earlier manufacturers, the type and size of buildings and roots and the location of setting up LED grille screen should be described in detail, and its analysis and confirmation should be carried out to ensure its good operation performance.

3. Key points of installation and construction of LED grille screen: LED grille screen should keep in touch with construction units at any time during construction, and keep abreast of the progress of installation of the grille screen in time. If distance permits, we should go to the construction site to inspect as far as possible, so as not to find problems and adjust them in time when construction and planning are different, so as to ensure the smooth completion of installation of the building’s LED grille screen.

Summary: Because of the different shape of the building and the location of the installation wall, we need to take into account the local conditions, without affecting the appearance of the building under the premise of installation construction, so that the LED grid screen can achieve better display effect.

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