Eight Technologies for Micro Fine Pitch LED Display Screen p1.2 p1.5 p1.875 p2


With the continuous development of market economy, people’s demand for LED display screen is also growing. LED display has been developing for decades in China, and our technology in this industry has made considerable progress, which is almost the same as the world’s first-class level. In some areas, even bend overtaking has achieved the transcendence of foreign technology. Micro-spacing display technology is one of the representatives.

With the rapid progress and maturity of LED display technology and the improvement of customer requirements, the point spacing of micro-spacing LED display becomes smaller and smaller. Now the market has introduced micro-spacing LED displays such as P1.2, P.9, P.8, and widely used in video conferencing, command and dispatch center, security monitoring center, radio and television media and other fields. High-definition led display, high refresh frequency, seamless stitching, good heat dissipation system, easy disassembly and assembly, energy saving and environmental protection and other characteristics of micro-spacing LED display have been well known to the majority of industry users.

1. Packaging technology: LED display with density above P2 generally adopts 1515, 2020 and 3528 beads, and the shape of LED pin adopts J or L packaging mode.

2. Welding technology: too fast temperature rise in reflow welding will lead to imbalance of wetting, which will inevitably lead to deviation of devices in the process of imbalance of wetting.

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