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The LED display screen is a large flat panel display which is made up of many boxes. It is the mainstream product in the current commercial display market. It is mainly used in commercial performance, indoor and outdoor advertising display, sports events, stage performances, radio and television, security monitoring, command and scheduling and other occasions. What are the types of full-color LED display boxes on the market and what are their characteristics, do you know? The following edition will tell you about the main types and characteristics of full-color LED display boxes.

1. Die-casting aluminium box: Die-casting aluminium box has light weight, reasonable structure and high precision, and can basically achieve seamless splicing.

2. Nano-macromolecule material box: Nano-macromolecule material box has the characteristics of shock-proof and fall-proof, light weight, much cheaper price than die-cast aluminium, and has many characteristics such as simple loading and unloading, portable handling, low transportation cost and low cost.

3. Carbon Fiber Box: Carbon Fiber Box Design has the characteristics of ultra-thin, light weight, good strength and high tensile strength. Carbon fiber box adopts full modular design, which makes maintenance more convenient. The right-angled side of 45 degrees can realize 90 degrees splicing and installation of the screen.

4. Magnesium alloy full-color LED display screen: Magnesium alloy is an alloy based on magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are: low density, high strength, good heat dissipation, good seismic resistance, greater impact load capacity than aluminum alloy, good corrosion resistance to organic matter and alkali. Magnesium alloys are used as LED display boxes with high cost performance, easy installation and excellent heat dissipation, which make the products more competitive in the market.

The above is a small arrangement, the current market common full-color LED display box type and characteristics, when you choose to buy LED display, according to the specific use of the environment and the actual situation of the project to choose their own LED display box.

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