Fault Analysis and Solution of Overlapping Texts of LED Display Screen


Many people know that LED video panels font overlap is a troublesome thing, especially for banks, restaurants, cinemas, large shopping malls like this crowded place, especially bad experience, affecting the image; LED display font overlap how to deal with, how to solve it?

Description of the most common problems: For example, a 110 outdoor full-color LED display with a length of 4m and a width of 1.2m is directly delivered to customers after successful installation, and customers have not conducted full-screen testing. Suddenly one day, customers send a little more content, and the text displayed on the whole LED display screen is more comprehensive. But the font on line 3 overlaps with line 4 (or the upper part of a word can be displayed normally, the lower part can not be displayed, the third and fourth lines of the word can be displayed). At this time, you will be looking for a solution, the following is the accident solution and ideas.

Terms of settlement:

1. First check whether the power supply is loose and falling off. 2. Check whether the arrangement is firmly inserted. 3. Check the relationship between module and adapter board. 4. The output of adapter board.

The train of thought is as follows:

In addition, there will be overlapping phenomenon in the first use of LED display screen, step 1, 2, 3, 4 in turn; after using a period of time, the screen will appear overlapping phenomenon, step 1, 2, 4 in turn; or can not solve the problem, contact the LED display manufacturers or service providers.

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