Relevant tips in Purchasing LED video Display Screen Panels


Many people may know how to buy an LED display screen and the benefits it can bring us, but few people except those in the same industry know about some purchases of outdoor LED displays. Afraid of whether the LED display you buy is good or bad, what should we pay attention to when buying outdoor LED display? Below by the well-known LED display manufacturer Lianchengfa to explain to you about the purchase of some points for attention.

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Questions to be considered when purchasing outdoor LED display:

1. The LED display screen may be attacked by strong electromagnetic force caused by thunder and wind.

2. The screen has a wide audience, a long visual distance requirement, a wide range of requirements, and great changes in ambient light, especially in the case of direct sunlight.

3. The main problems of outdoor LED screen are as follows: because the outdoor display screen is installed outdoors, often wind and rain, sunshine and rain, bad working environment. Electronic equipment is wetted or seriously damped, or can cause short circuit or even fire, causing failure or even fire, causing great losses.

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