Factors Causing Life Reduction of Full-color LED Display Screen

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What are the major factors affecting the lifetime of full-color LED display? At present, as an intelligent electronic display device, the performance of full-color LED display is affected by the changes of external environment factors, much of which is the same as that of ordinary electronic devices. These complex and changeable environmental factors have a great impact on the full-color LED display screen. Once some components are damaged and reduced, it will affect the normal service life. So what factors will affect the service life of full-color LED display?

1. The Effect of Product Temperature on the Life of Display Screen

As an integrated electronic product, LED display screen is mainly composed of control board, switching power supply and light emitting device of electronic components, and the life of all these components is related to working temperature. If the actual working temperature exceeds the range of the specified working temperature, the life of the display panel products will be greatly shortened, and the senior of the display panel products will be seriously damaged.

2. Effect of Environmental Dust on the Life of Display Screen Products

In order to prolong the life of LED display screen, the threat from dust must not be ignored.

LED display screen, there are also several related factors that must be paid attention to when selecting the LED display screen, and the related popularity and credibility of the LED display manufacturers, so as to ensure that you can avoid being cheated to buy fake and inferior products, and hope that users and friends can remember them.

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