Characteristic Application of High Definition LED Flash Screen

P2-5-P3-P3-91-P4-P4 led panel

When is the LED dazzling screen? LED dazzling color screen belongs to the category of neon lamp and is the best substitute for neon lamp. It integrates neon advertisement, spray-painting advertisement and LED display advertisement organically to enhance their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

Types and applications of LED dazzling color screen:

Bars, Dibar, nightclubs, singing halls, radio entertainment and various building exterior walls, roofs, anti-aircraft guns and other large billboards; various front signs and other fields. It realizes all the changing effects of neon lights. At the same time, it can produce animation, video and text, which can be displayed synchronously or offline, and the advertisement content can be updated at any time.

Performance characteristics of LED dazzling color screen:

1. Exchange of dynamic and static information between day and night. Change the traditional advertising day and night are static display, the day is a static picture, the night becomes a colorful screen.

2. A picture in the daytime and a screen in the night. In the daytime, LED dazzling color screen is displayed in the form of traditional static spray painting picture, while in the night, it plays various video, animation and text advertisements in the form of full color display screen. Compared with other outdoor advertisements (spray painting advertisement, neon light advertisement, three-sided flip advertisement), night has a stronger visual impact, which greatly improves the value of outdoor media, and truly realizes the dream of “painting in the day, screen in the night”.


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