What is a piranha LED bead? Application of Piranha LED Beads


What is a piranha LED display bead? Perhaps many of my friends do not know this kind of lamp beads, especially those outside the industry. In the LED display devices, piranha LED lamp beads is a new concept. Piranha LED beads are not only widely used in LED light-emitting words, LED light boxes and monochrome displays, but also have many advantages in the field of LED outdoor advertising display.

What is a piranha LED screen bead? Piranha LED is a kind of encapsulated, square, transparent resin encapsulated, four pins, there is a missing LED bead at the negative pole. This product is a kind of LED similar to astigmatism. Its luminous angle is more than Baidu’s. Its luminous intensity is very high, and it can withstand the power that ordinary lamp beads can not withstand. It is said that when this kind of LED was just produced, it immediately attracted the attention of many friends. Its development trend is as fierce as that of piranha. Another explanation is that it is shaped like a piranha in the Amazon. The shapes of the encapsulation moulds of piranha are also varied, including the round heads of 3 mm and 5 mm, and the flat heads of concave shapes. According to the requirement of light-out angle, various packaging moulds can be selected.

So after knowing what a piranha LED bead is, what is its application? Piranha LED has attracted more and more attention because it has better heat dissipation, bigger viewing angle, smaller light decay and longer life than 5mm LED. Piranha LED is very suitable for making line lamp, backlight lamp box and light source in large font groove. Aiming at the market development, we launched the second generation series of outdoor high-definition piranha LED display screen as early as 2013. The products are P8, P10, P16, etc. Compared with the full-color LED display panel made of traditional outdoor 246 and 346 straight-plug lamps, the cannibals 5353 series has the characteristics of high brightness, excellent white balance consistency, large viewing angle, synchronization of red-green and blue cores, gold wire welding line and low failure rate.

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