Four Installation Methods for Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

SMD-Outdoor-Advertising-LED-Display-P10 dip

The installation of outdoor LED advertising screen is indispensable if it is to be used well. For technicians, knowing how to build and maintain the advertisement screen outdoors will greatly promote the commercial advertisement and information dissemination, and it is also necessary for technicians to be familiar with. Specifically, the installation of outdoor LED display screen has four links: field investigation, equipment construction, installation, debugging and use.

First, we should conduct on-the-spot investigation according to the actual situation.

Secondly, according to the results of field investigation, we have to build LED equipment. When building outdoor LED billboards, we should distinguish wall advertising screen, hanging advertising screen and roof advertising screen.

Third, the construction is completed, in order to achieve the best transmission effect, we also need to debug the luminous radiation range.

Fourth, in order to smoothly deliver and use, we need to carry out follow-up inspection and maintenance. Follow-up testing, including many areas, such as the LED display waterproof, heat dissipation layer, LED shows waterproof coating, the screen above the rainproof range, both sides of the cooling air, power supply lines and so on, these basic components constitute the whole stable LED display screen.

As a typical representative of outdoor application of LED display screen, outdoor LED advertising screen is suitable for many fields because of its convenient maintenance, energy saving and reliable operation. Its good color performance makes the outdoor LED display screen a beautiful scenery in a prosperous city.

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