Skills to Solve the Problem of LED Display Display Loading Failure Perfectly


When you use the LED display screen, have you ever encountered the problem of the failure of loading the display screen? I believe that there must be, in fact, this is still relatively common in the failure of the LED display screen. Don’t be afraid of the failure of loading the LED display screen. Here are some practical solutions.

1. Check whether the jumper cap is loose or falling off; if the jumper cap is not loose, make sure that the direction of the jumper cap is correct.

2. Check and confirm that the serial line used to connect the controller is a straight line, not a cross line.

3. Check and confirm that the serial connection is intact and there is no loosening or falling off at both ends.

4. Contrast with the control software of LED display screen and the control card selected by oneself to select the correct product type, the correct transmission mode, the correct serial number, the correct serial transmission rate, and correctly set the address bits and serial transmission rate on the hardware of the control system according to the dial switch diagram provided in the software.

According to the above six methods to operate, the failure of LED display loading can be solved. If it can not solve the problem, please contact the manufacturers of LED display to help you solve the problem. Does it feel very practical? Collect it now!

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