Five factors restricting the development of outdoor LED display


To say that the largest application market of LED display screen is outdoor LED advertising market. Outdoor LED display market accounts for more than 20% of the total market share of LED display, and plays an important role in the field of LED display. Despite the rapid development, the development of outdoor LED display has been challenged in recent years, so that the development is limited. How to do this? Let’s analyze it in detail.

First, the market of LED display screen is confused: at present, the market competition of outdoor LED display screen is very disorderly. Although the quality of products produced by some manufacturers with high technology and excellent production technology is too hard, the cost is high and the price is high, which makes many customers hesitate. In order to gain more market share, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to produce large quantities of quality products. Lower volume of products, so that the whole industry has a “bad currency expelled good money” phenomenon.

2. Urban advertising planning is chaotic: With the continuous advancement of urbanization, outdoor advertising is gradually expanding to second and third-tier cities, but in major cities, the phenomenon of outdoor LED display randomly built still occurs from time to time. The random construction of outdoor advertising screens not only destroys the harmony and beauty of the urban environment, but also easily triggers large-scale renovation of relevant government departments. At the same time, advertising companies’own operation will be greatly affected during this period.

3. Fragmentation of outdoor advertising enterprises: The fragmentation of outdoor advertising enterprises is very serious nowadays, and the state of regional fragmentation urgently needs to be further improved. Many outdoor advertising companies have a single variety of media resources, small scale and lack of network media resources, so they can not effectively integrate media to meet the needs of multimedia communication in the Internet era.

These are the five factors that restrict the development of outdoor LED display, especially the fifth point. If enterprises do not solve the problem of innovation and development, it is difficult to expand the market scale and continue to be brilliant!

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