Attention in the Construction of Outdoor LED Display Screen Support


LED displays have a wide range of applications, and you can see them in most areas of daily life. LED display screen of p3.91 p4.81 p5.95 p6.25 is still very common outdoors. Now many large-scale programs and commercial performances will use the stage LED screen, and these stage screens need to be built temporarily. The support of the bracket is indispensable for the construction of outdoor LED display screen. The following will introduce the method of building the bracket of LED display screen and the matters needing attention.

First, bracket production: according to different application occasions, the requirements of the outer frame are different. Let’s start with the built-in installation.

2. Simple Frame Manufacturing Process: When we see the units bought back, we will find that the brightness is different, or there may be spray in the application occasion. At this time, we need to paste a plexiglass on the surface of the screen.

Summary: LED display screen uses different environments, the use of brackets is also different. LED display bracket affects the use of the whole display screen, but also affects the safe operation of the display screen. Therefore, in the process of selecting and building temporary bracket for outdoor LED display screen, it is necessary to make a comprehensive plan and not choose at will.

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