Selection and Purchase of Distribution Cabinet for LED Display Screen


The safe operation of rental LED display screen can not be separated from the support of power distribution led advertising cabinet, so what is a good led display wall panel cabinet like, how do we judge?

The function of LED display panel distribution cabinet is to distribute electric energy to all load parts, and to protect the power when the circuit is short-circuited, overloaded and leakage. It mainly supplies power to the LED display screen. It supports AC 380V power input, air switch protection and 220 V power output. The chassis adopts special design to prevent leakage. It is safer to use and has power indicator light indication. A good LED distribution cabinet should have the following characteristics:

Maneuverability: easy to operate and install, well reserved joints in and out of the line, quick and convenient on-site construction, saving on-site construction time.

2. Reliability: The main equipments in the products adopt well-known brands with reliable performance, which is a strong guarantee for reliable power supply of display screen. Material selection is based on relevant standards of electrical appliances and distribution.

3. Professionalism: The products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the national and industrial standards. The process is beautiful, safe and reliable, and the grade of the matching equipment has been greatly improved.

Fourth, there are various control modes: the product has manual on-site control, multi-functional card to achieve remote control, timing control.

Summary: The quality of LED display panel distribution cabinet is related to the safety and stability of product operation. It is necessary to select a good LED display panel distribution cabinet.

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