Function of small spacing LED display screen in monitoring center

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In the security monitoring center, the dispatching center is the main core, and the small pitch LED display screen is the leading link of the human-computer interaction of the entire dispatching system. The personnel dispatching adjustment and plan decision-making need to be completed in this link, which plays a leading role in the whole work operation process. The small pitch LED display screen display system is mainly used for data collection and sharing, human-computer interaction and decision-making, real-time monitoring of information and data, video conference and consultation, etc. The following describes the main role of small spacing LED display in the monitoring and command center.

1. Real time monitoring, 24-hour uninterrupted supervision
The small spacing LED display screen display system needs to work continuously, which requires its high quality. In the monitoring and display process, even one second can not be missed, because any unexpected event may occur at any time. The control program of the dispatching system for various data is the focus of the whole dispatching work to ensure the timeliness and control of the dispatching work.
2. Assist decision-making and collect information for HD display system
The small spacing LED display screen needs to display all kinds of information collected and sorted out by the system and the analysis and calculation results of various models in the most concise and intuitive form according to the needs of decision makers, or display some monitoring images, which also requires the small spacing LED display screen to have high-definition display effect.

3. Consultation system, video conference consultation to assist dispatching and command.
Small spacing LED display screen is applied in various fields, which is not like what we know on the surface. It seems that small spacing LED display screen can only be used for advertising. In the information technology era, small spacing LED display screen will penetrate into all fields that need it, not only bringing color to people’s life, but also bringing safety to people’s life.

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