What is the reason why the LED display screen appears black?

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What is the reason for the black screen of LED commercial advertising screen? During the application of the control system, we occasionally encounter the phenomenon that the LED stage rental screen appears black. The same phenomenon may be caused by various reasons, and even the process of the display screen turning black may vary according to different operations or different environments. For example, it may turn black at the moment of power on, or it may turn black during loading, It may also turn black after sending, etc.


in case of this phenomenon, please note that the fault can be judged by referring to the following aspects:
1. Please ensure that all hardware, including the control system, has been properly powered on.
2. Check and repeatedly confirm whether the serial port cable used to connect the controller is loose or falling off. (if it turns black during the loading process, it is likely to be caused by this reason, that is, the screen is black due to the loose communication cable during the communication process. Do not think that the display screen is not moving, and the cable cannot be loose. Please check it. It is very important for you to solve the problem quickly.)
3. Check and confirm whether the LED display and the hub distribution board connected to the main control card are tightly connected and inserted reversely

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