What type of rental LED display is suitable for the hotel lobby?

rental led screen

Many people do not know how suitable the rental stage LED display in the hotel lobby is when they choose the display.

The display of the hotel is used in the hotel hall, hotel wedding hall, hotel banquet hall, hotel wedding hall, hotel hall and hotel luxury box. There are three types of display screens: indoor fixed display screen, outdoor fixed display screen and full-color LED display screen with rentable stage background. The indoor full-color LED screens mainly include P1.6, p2.0, p2.5, P3, P4 and P5. The hotel wedding LED screens adopt P3, P4 and P5.

For the area of full-color LED display screen, the specific length and width of the display screen can be determined, and a more detailed production estimation scheme of the display screen is proposed. If it is only a rough area, it is recommended to set the general aspect ratio to a ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. This can make the aspect ratio of the picture more coordinated and the display effect more perfect. As for the selection of the specification and model of the display screen, the production area and audio-visual distance of the display screen must be considered at the same time.

1. P4 and P5 are often used in hotels, hotels, restaurants and indoor exhibitions, which are equivalent to large-scale LED TV screens. They are also commonly used as large-scale LED screens for stage background. They are used as large-scale led stage screens for temporary stage construction, performance and activities. Those can be fixed with trusses at the back and Japanese shaped frames. In order to facilitate handling and transportation, it can be loaded and unloaded freely, or it can be made into boxes one by one and connected according to the site environment. Generally, there are iron boxes and aluminum boxes, but there are also air boxes.

2. P2.5, P3 and P4 are indoor high-definition LED display models, which are commonly used in meeting rooms, lecture halls, exhibition halls, projectors and corridors. They are suitable for viewing distance of more than 3 meters and area of more than 4 square meters.
The size of the full-color LED display in the hotel lobby must be determined according to the installation location and installation area. Now, led marks that the future city has become one of the important ways to show culture and personality. In addition, in the future, better creative LED displays will be used in environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration, etc.

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