Hotel wedding events LED video display size and price? How to Select?


Full-color LED display is usually used in hotel wedding scene to add atmosphere to the scene. Therefore, it is very necessary for hotel merchants to choose a suitable wedding LED screen. What is the size of the hotel wedding LED screen? How to choose the model? What’s the price? With such questions, let’s get to know:

2. How to choose the model of wedding LED display?

The viewing distance is relatively close, about 5 meters. At this time, we should consider the accuracy of the display screen, the effect of the display and the convenience of installation and movement of the wedding LED screen. The optional model is P5. If the display requirements are very high, the first model to be considered is the P3 indoor LED screen, which can be clearly seen by both the audience and the performers on the stage. When the budget overruns, consider P4 indoor full-color display, but the display effect varies greatly within the 3-meter visual range, and P3 will be much higher definition.

3. Before customizing the LED display for hotel wedding, we need to provide the following information to the sales staff of the LED display manufacturer:

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