Indoor LED video Display Screens are used widely in cinemas


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Nowadays, facing the relative blank of the film market, can the indoor LED display screen have enough advantages to compete with the traditional cinema playing equipment and to participate in the domestic and even the world movie playing market?

As a novel electronic dynamic dot matrix display screen, LED display screen is a kind of information publishing media which can automatically and continuously work in the public. It is a wonderful embellishment that can set off the atmosphere and decorate the environment. This more realistic way of expression will provide the audience with a more interactive, more vivid and interesting way of participation to meet the subjective needs of the audience.

And the movie play of indoor P3.91 LED display is digital to digital, all of which is electronic process. The color of indoor LED display is unchanged for a long time. In addition, the indoor LED display is self-luminous, without screen, without lens, without reflection, there is no glare, and there is no black background. Therefore, the contrast is much greater and the contrast of the image is much greater. The measured results show that the contrast of the indoor LED display screen is more than several times that of the screen even if it is indoor, so the contrast of the image will be much better. This also determines that the use of LED display screen to play movies will not recur to the above traditional movie playing on the low refresh frequency, loss of convergence, defocusing and other common problems.

Indoor LED Display Screen

After all these introductions, I believe that the majority of friends have a profound understanding of the indoor cinema LED display screen. If you want to know more about the indoor LED display screen or other kinds of LED display screen related information, you can contact the manufacturers of LED display screen.

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