Unique Features of Full-color LED Video Wall Display Screen


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Because of its characteristics, full-color LED display has been developing rapidly. It can be said that it breaks through all kinds of bad phenomena in the past. All kinds of products of full-color LED display have been produced. Only you can’t imagine, without what we can’t do with full-color LED display, it’s very novel. So ask you, what is a full-color LED display? Maybe you know it or are using it, but do you know more about it? Popularize it for you.

Full-color LED display screen

What is full-color LED display screen

The full-color LED display screen includes a lamp trough, an indoor full-color LED display screen bar, a diffuser plate, a light guide plate, a reflection plate and a rear cover mounted in the lamp trough. The diffuser plate, a light guide plate, a reflection plate and a rear cover are arranged in sequence. The full-color LED display screen of the utility model has simple processing technology, and the convex part of the screen printing film is arranged sparsely around and densely in the middle, which is beneficial to reflecting the middle light to all sides, changing the path of the light source in the course of the light source emission, changing the angle of the side light source to the angle of the side light source, so as to achieve the effect of uniformity of the area light source, which is emitted by the full-color P2.976 LED display screen.

Characteristics of Full-color LED Display Screen

1. High safety performance, full-color LED display constant current operation, fast start-up, low voltage, low current, fast heat dissipation, no potential safety hazards.

2. The use of scientific side-lighting technology, uniform and soft light, close to natural light, comfortable and bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue, using soft light technology to expand full-color P2.976 LED video wall display to surface light source, eliminate glare, visual fatigue, sublimate visual effect, stable performance, low maintenance rate, strong versatility, convenient installation and space saving.

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