How are small pixel pitch LED displays defined?

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What is a small pixel pitch LED wall display? How are small spacing LED displays defined? I believe many people know that LED display is made up of LED beads. Many people may not know that the spacing of LED display is made up of the distance between the central points of two LED beads. With the development of industry technology, the dot spacing of small spacing LED display screen is becoming smaller and smaller. The LED display screen with point spacing less than 3 mm is the small spacing LED display screen. According to the evidence collected at present, the smallest distance between two beads is P1.4 specification, that is, the distance between two beads is only 1.4 mm.

Many friends have seen LED products in their daily life. Whether they are roadside tobacco, wine and tea shops, hotels or evening performance stage, the use rate of LED display screen is still very wide. But those products generally use traditional large-spacing LED display screen. Nowadays, with the development of small-spacing technology, LED display manufacturers begin to pay attention to them. Have you ever thought about putting a small spacing LED display in the living room, conference room and other places after LCD TV and projector?

If we want to solve these problems, there are several problems. First of all, the price, because many companies now need to install more LED beads, small spacing LED display screen technology requirements are also high and high, and there are heat dissipation, circuit and other issues to be solved, but also need to spend a relatively large number of costs, and now the low rate of good products is causing the current price of small HD LED screen products is a big problem, for some ordinary families now generally speaking. It costs hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy small spacing products over 100 inches, which many ordinary families can’t afford. Another aspect is that as the production capacity of small spacing LED display grows, the rate of some advanced products in technology will be further improved, and the price of products will continue to fall.

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