What are the qualifications for outdoor LED advertising display?

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As a hot bare-handed product in contemporary society, outdoor LED display is growing at a rate of more than 30% per year thanks to the rapid development of outdoor advertising.

Outdoor LED Display Screen Manufacturer

1. Wide viewing area

The main task of outdoor full-color LED display is to advertise an image. Therefore, in order to let more audiences see the picture and let more people know that outdoor full-color LED display is the primary goal we need to do. However, using a large angle of view design to cover the viewing angle is also what we should do.

2. High-definition display effect

3. Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Nowadays, social pollution is extremely serious, so no matter what we do, energy saving and emission reduction is very important to our planet. The outdoor full-color LED display must be called by the government. Energy saving and emission reduction must be taken as an important standard in manufacturing, including power consumption, scattering performance and steel structure required for product installation. As long as the environment is good, it is the best.

4. High Protection Level

Because outdoor LED display is used outdoors, so we must take weather into account. Outdoor video LED display should generally reach IP67 protection level, in order to fully adapt to all kinds of bad weather, ensure that outdoor LED display has strong weather resistance, can be used for a long time, and ensure that customers’profits reach the maximum.

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