How Important is the Sales Model of Full-color LED Display Screen


How important is the sales mode of full-color LED video display? In today’s 21st century society, the full-color LED display of p2.5 p3 p3.91 and p4.81 indoor outdoor manufacturing industry has many dangerous “reefs”. The LED display industry is easy to “hit the reef” by carelessness, can not focus too much on the function of a single product, to meet the diversified needs of the current social consumer groups; if we need to use keywords to display the full-color LED in 2016. If the industry of display is interpreted, “innovation” must bear the brunt. Whether it is the general situation of the “mass innovation, entrepreneurship” national policy, its own product innovation, channel innovation, market innovation, it runs through them.

In today’s era of social internet, LED display products, customers purchase and use their experience to further upgrade. Combining with the current new situation, full-color LED large screen manufacturing enterprises should be market-oriented, explore the new attributes and functions of full-color LED display under the requirements of the new era, produce display products adapted to market changes and needs, in line with urban development and management, and become standard information products acceptable to the public, not just an advertising terminal. The market is decentralized, and the individual needs of users are prominent. Some channel providers are not deep enough to expand the market. At present, there are no models and ideas that can be used for reference in the industry. Even if there are some, they can not be duplicated. At present, the individualized demand of customers in the full-color LED display market is constantly increasing. This market change also makes the focus of screen enterprises in the industry gradually shift to the bidding market, while ignoring the training and guidance of the non-bidding market.

This can easily lead to unbalanced development of the market. At present, the most successful “three-kilometer service circle” channel construction concept of “three-kilometer service circle” in the full-color LED display industry is probably more comprehensive and in-depth in the industry. If it can be realized, it will certainly bring about tremendous changes in the industry channel construction. The full-color LED display industry lacks good business model, big strategy and big layout. Unit purchasing scale is small, screen enterprises have no good entry point to guide the market, resulting in the market does not appear a centralized explosion of driving force. The mode is single and depends on channels, but channel construction relies too much on the resources in hand.

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