How much is the full-color stage LED display rent panels?


In today’s 21st century society, full-color LED display panel like p3.91 indoor led display p4.81 rental stage led wall can be used for product promotion, brand promotion, talent show, sales scene, brand exposure and other exhibitions, sports events, concerts, concerts, large-scale singing and dancing. Full-color LED display screen displays, communicates and interacts with target consumers in busy commercial areas, power-driven industrial sites, residential areas, squares, parks and other areas. It has a wide range of publicity. Full-color LED display screen can enable customers to obtain the greatest advertising dissemination effect. The structure of full-color LED display is generally composed of five parts. Including large screen system, power supply system, hydraulic system, operating system, traction system.

2. Mobile communication is not limited by geographical location. It can be widely and thoroughly propagated in any target market areas such as streets, alleys, communities and business zones according to customer needs.

Third: The visual effect is good because the current popular LED color screen is used as the main output body, with brilliant color, full stereoscopic sense and strong visual impact.

How much does full-color LED display rental ? This is the concern of many friends, in fact, the rental price for one day is still relatively preferential, generally calculated according to the day, but there are also weekly, as for more details, you can consult the manufacturers of LED display, on this aspect of information your company knows is more detailed.

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