How much is the price of car-mounted LED advertising display?

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As a new media publishing tool, vehicle-mounted LED advertising screen has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide publishing area, high effective information arrival rate, free from time and space constraints. It is deeply concerned by the advertising media. What kind of price is the vehicle-mounted LED advertising screen, and what kind of classification is it?

1: LED display screen price. Screen cost accounts for more than 70% of the total investment of the project. Screen is composed of LED module, power supply, cabinet and power line.

Classification of LED Advertising Displays in Vehicles

1. Taxi LED Advertising Screen: Most of the LED bars installed on the roof or rear window of the taxi are used to scroll and broadcast text advertising information.

2. Truck LED display screen: The truck body is refitted into a full-color LED display screen, which displays advertising information in high definition and enriches video content. At present, we have launched a series of on-board LED screens on the market, including P8/P10/P12/P16, etc.

3. Bus LED display screen: used to display road signs on buses, mostly monochrome and bicolor.

IV. According to the spacing of LED lamp beads

1, P6: Point spacing 6 mm, generally used in full-color vehicle-mounted LED advertising screen, exquisite display, visual distance 10-40 M

Above is the information about the price and classification of car-mounted LED advertising screen. At present, monochrome and bicolor displays have begun to be eliminated. Vehicle-mounted LED displays are usually full-color, and with the cost decreasing, the spacing is getting smaller and the clarity is getting higher and higher. P5 P4 and even the P3 model are already in use.

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