Definition and Characteristics of Transparent Glass LED Display Screen


1. What is a transparent LED display?

Transparent LED display screen, as its name implies, is like glass with the nature of light transmission. Its realization principle is the micro-innovation of the lamp led video screen, the improvement of the patch manufacturing process, the lamp bead packaging and the control system, together with the hollow-out design structure, reduces the obstruction of the structural components to the line of sight, and maximizes the perspective effect.

Characteristics of Transparent LED Display Screen

(1) The high transparency effect has a very high perspective, with 70%-95% of the permeability, which ensures the lighting requirements and perspective range of lighting structures such as floors, glass facades, windows and so on, and guarantees the original lighting and perspective function of glass curtain wall.

(2) It does not occupy space and is light in weight. The thickness of the main board is only 10mm, and the weight of the display screen is only 12Kg/. It is fixed directly on the glass curtain wall without changing the building structure.

With the accelerated pace of urban construction, the LED transparent display screen, with its light, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and other characteristics, can be said to fit in with the glass curtain wall. Its application to the glass curtain wall not only does not violate the feeling, but also because of its fashion, beauty, modern sense and scientific and technological atmosphere, adds a special aesthetic feeling to the urban architecture.

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