Prospect Trend of Small pitch HD LED Display Screens


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With more intense industry competition, what will happen to the industrial pattern of small spacing LED display?

Continuous growth of market, large market space in second and third-tier cities

Under the influence of the global economic situation, the growth rate of the industry will be slower than before, but the growth will still be the main theme of the industry development. After years of development, technology has been gradually improved, the market will be further mature, and future market growth will be more rational.

Small Spacing LED Display Screen

After years of development and project laying, the market competition of LED display screen in the first-tier cities is increasingly fierce, and the market growth space is limited. The opportunities of second-and third-tier cities are very attractive, which may become another bright spot of market growth in the coming years. In recent years, 4K display technology has been developed rapidly in the field of large screen display, which has led to the upsurge of research and development of small spacing LED display manufacturers at the level of screen clarity. With the advent of 8K small spacing LED screen, the picture quality clarity of high density small spacing LED screen is further enhanced, which lays a foundation for the competition between small spacing LED screen and other display technologies in high-end applications

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