What are the model sizes of the conference room LED video display?


For the conference, the intuitive feeling and effect of LED display screen are incomparable with other traditional projectors. What are the model sizes of LED display for indoor conference? What is the price of conference LED display? This is the concern of friends who want to meet their needs. The following is the answer:

I. Model Dimensions of LED Display Screen in Conference Room

II. Price of LED Display Screen in Indoor Conference Room:

The factors influencing the price of conference room LED display are as follows:

1. Screen quotation: that is, the price of the conference room display screen is RMB/m2. The materials used are different, and the price is also different. (Including the cost of LED core, IC driver chip, power supply and LED box, etc.)

2. Cost of control system: that is to control the number of computers, receiving cards and sending cards. It is necessary to determine the number according to the size of the conference room LED screen, and then calculate the cost.

3. Auxiliary equipment costs: distribution cabinet, computer, audio power amplifier, air conditioning, control card, lightning arrester and LED video processor, etc. Can be matched according to the requirements, customers can buy their own.

4. Display screen playback software: including computer system software, as well as LED video software, generally free.

The above is about the size and price of the conference room LED display. According to the project experience, the choice of the model of the indoor conference room LED display mainly depends on the need of viewing distance and environment, as well as the comprehensive selection of display content requirements, ambient brightness, budget, etc. To provide the latest solution of the LED display can help you solve this problem well.

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