What are the size specifications of the door LED sign display?

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Door-head LED display screen, mainly for the door installed in the roadside shop, the brightness can not be too low, the length is about 2 m (high 0.2 m), mainly replacing the traditional banner, display promotional information, etc., so what is the size specification of the door-head LED display screen, and what is the price of the door-head LED display?

I. Dimensions and Calculations of LED Display Screen for Door Head:

1. Firstly, calculate the number of long and high LED panel, the number of long LED panel sign is 3.5/0.32=10.9375_11, and the number of high LED panel is 1/0.16=6.25_6.

2. Actual length and height (multiply the number of units required by the size of a single unit board)

Length: 11 x 0.32 = 3.52 m high: 6 x 0.16 M = 0.96 M

3. Actual LED screen area: 3.52M * 0.96m = 3.3792

Second, about the price of the LED display screen on the door head:

Because the door-head LED screen is usually monochrome and bicolor, and usually single red or white LED walking screen is used more. The area varies from 0.5 to 5 square meters. At present, the  LED display screen price on the market varies from 800 yuan to 1500 yuan per square meter. It’s very cheap. And the general LED display manufacturers will not do it directly, because the budget and project size is limited. It is suggested to find an agent directly. The price is relatively cheap.

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