How to Choose a Good LED Display factory and manufacturer


Which one is good for LED display screen? I believe that everyone has an answer to this question. We all know that the best things in the world are thought to be bad led displays, and the worst things are also thought to be good led video walls. We can only judge one thing or a product which is the favorite and support of most people. However, in this case, which company of LED display should be judged from the following aspects.

1. Product quality: The quality of product determines the business reputation of a company. If the product quality of a company is not up to the standard, then I believe that no matter how good its reputation is, it will always be destroyed. Therefore, under the premise of any guarantee, we must build up the quality of products, because people now do not care about spending a few more dollars to buy products, but more worry about spending money to buy the desired products.

2. Pre-sales and after-sales service: A good business enterprise’s pre-sales and after-sales service is first-class, just like China Mobile, we will find a problem. No matter how well telecommunications, Great Wall and Unicom do, mobile users are still the most. Why? Whether it is his product OK, the most important thing is that his pre-sale and after-sale are first-class, so that the majority of users are more in favor of mobile. In the same way, the same is true for the LED display screen. In order to make the brand reputation good, the pre-sale and after-sale service should also satisfy the customers.

3. Life: The quality of a product not only depends on its early quality, but also on its long life. Even if the product quality is OK in the early stage, if its final life is short, it will be somewhat inadequate. It is easy to lose interest in it, because no one wants to spend more time and money. The lifetime of  LED display can be as long as 20W hours, which also makes it popular with many users.

4. Geography: According to the statistics of relevant data, the vast majority of users will still consider local manufacturers of LED display, because the advantages of distance can make them more confident in choosing LED display enterprises, so that even if there are more difficult problems to solve, they can also contact local manufacturers for maintenance solutions, which will better eliminate the concerns of users.

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