How to Maintain Quality and Price for LED Display Manufacturers


With the acceleration of the upgrading of the LED industry, the industry problems will be further upgraded, and the LED screen enterprises will also face a greater pressure and challenge. If LED display enterprises want to achieve greater development, they need to balance the relationship between price and product quality, after-sales service and future cooperation.

In recent years, many LED screen companies are expanding their production capacity to speed up the occupation of the market, but many times things go against their wishes. The market growth rate and its mitigation have caused a serious backlog of products in many enterprises. In addition, the high homogeneity of products has led to price reduction in the industry to compete for market share and reduce inventory. There are many enterprises in order to maintain a market share, even if the profit margin is greatly reduced, they have to put their brains into it. This not only greatly reduces the profit margin of enterprises, but also increases the operational pressure.

Even so, the result is somewhat ironic: when LED display manufacturers scrape profits while making price decisions, customers have long lost the idea that prices determine everything.

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