How to choose a suitable stage rental LED display screen for oneself?

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Various stage rental displays can often be seen at large-scale performances, ceremonial parties, celebrity concerts, and event venues. So what is stage rental LED display screens? How to better choose when choosing stage rental LED display screens?
1. The stage LED display screen is actually an LED display screen placed in the background of the stage. The biggest feature of this stage rental LED display screen is that it provides rich stage background display functions, which can combine vivid photos, videos, and stunning music effects. It creates spectacular and modern landscapes. The stage rental display screen plays large and clear live scenes, creating a sense of immersion that subverts traditional visual experiences.

2. The stage rental LED display screen consists of the stage main screen, auxiliary screen, and expansion screen. The main screen features live streaming and excellent playback. Usually, choose displays with smaller spacing. The distance between points is usually within P6, so the larger the area, the better the effect. In this way, the rental LED display screen scene on stage can be smoothly displayed in front of the audience. There are multiple sub screens on both sides of the main screen. Sub screens can choose from creative rental display screens, S-shaped curved screens, flexible LED displays, cylindrical LED displays, and other irregular screens. If the budget is limited, screens can also be rented using inexpensive large pitch stage LED displays. Stage video extension screens are generally used for the care of backstage audiences such as large-scale stages and concerts, allowing all audiences to see everything clearly on stage.
3. In addition to selecting the stage rental display subject, the rental display must also choose an appropriate control system. Generally speaking, stage rental LED displays have a large display area, high pixels, and a large number of transmission cards. Sometimes multiple controller cards are needed to control cascade splicing. If you want a better LED display screen, you usually need to use a video processor. This allows for patching and cropping of videos, enabling multiple windows. The image is displayed in the image, with higher scalability, and the video effect is more delicate and soft.
4. Due to the particularity of stage rental LED display screens, a standardized stage rental LED display screen lightbox structure is generally adopted, which is easy to disassemble, lightweight, and convenient for transportation. The box is lightweight and fast to install, disassemble, and transport. Suitable for large area rental and fixed stage rental LED display screen installation applications.

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