XR virtual led video wall filming has received much attention

XR 3d led display wall

Since the beginning of this year, exhibitions related to the LED display screen industry have been flourishing one after another. From ISE 2023 in January, ISLE 2023 in April, InfoComm 2023 in the United States in June, to the 20th Shenzhen International and Beijing Info Comm China held in July, these exhibitions gathered multiple leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, and international and domestic LED display brands appeared one after another. Based on the epidemic prevention and control measures and opportunities in 2022, LED exhibitions have shown an explosive trend since the first half of 2023, with crowded and bustling booths. The exhibition scale of LED displays has expanded several times. Moreover, many audio, video, and educational systems have also joined the field of LED displays, demonstrating the charm of LED displays. At these LED display screen exhibitions that have already been held, each product competes for excellence and unleashes technological innovation vitality.

XR virtual filming has received much attention
In this year’s LED display screen exhibition, we can easily see that XR virtual photography and related technical solutions have been launched by some leading enterprises. Its products and solutions are becoming increasingly mature, not only continuously upgrading in hardware, but also bringing related technologies such as motion capture and algorithm application to improve the XR virtual shooting ecosystem. So why is XR virtual photography highly sought after at exhibitions and even in the market? Let’s take a look at the data first. In the first half of 2023, the total box office of mainland films was 26.266 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52.88%, surpassing the 9.08 billion yuan in the same period of 2022, and basically catching up with 2017 and 2021. Especially in the January Spring Festival and June summer season, several popular products have driven the overall market up several times. The main reasons for the stabilization and rebound of market box office are the decline of the epidemic, sufficient supply of films, and the promotion of top content. Based on the current market situation and trends, it is predicted that the summer box office in 2023 will reach 18 billion yuan, and the annual box office is expected to exceed 57 billion yuan.
Faced with such a huge demand in the film market, XR virtual filming has a promising future, which is believed to be the reason why most companies are expanding into this field. According to industry estimates, with the full opening of the LED studio installation market, at least 200-300 film and television shooting bases will be built worldwide. According to current sales data, conservatively estimated, each project has a scale of tens of millions, of which the market size of LED display screens is expected to reach over 6 billion yuan. From the perspective of application scenarios, in XR virtual shooting, specific application scenarios are constantly being subdivided, gradually expanding from the initial film shooting to multiple virtual directions, such as television programs, music production, etc. Based on these application scenarios, the form of display screens and their additional technologies are also constantly changing.

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