How to clean and maintain the outdoor LED screen when it is dirty?

Stage-led-display-P2-604-P3-91 panel

How to clean the outdoor LED screen when it is dirty? This is a very important thing, if handled properly, it can prevent the ambiguity and ambiguity of the LED display screen in the process of action. We all know that no matter what display screen is running for a certain period of time, it will produce some dirt and other debris which will affect the display. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the LED display screen has become an indispensable task for us. This can effectively prolong the service life of the LED display screen and extend the quality and Practice of how to clean the outdoor LED display screen of the LED display screen. Therefore, the cleaning of the display screen is very important both before and after the installation of the screen.

When the LED module does not have a set, it needs to be cleaned with special washboard water. First, the LED module is dipped in this special washboard water and then brushed with a brush (Note: remember not to add too much at one time). This can accelerate the dissolution and shedding of rosin, and achieve a good effect of removing dust and impurities.

2. Cleaning after Installation of Display Screen

Many people do not know that there will be dust accumulation after the display screen is installed for a period of time. In order not to affect the normal display effect of the display screen, it is necessary to clean the surface of the LED display screen gently with clear water first, and pay attention to only cleaning the surface of the LED display screen, not the opposite power line and so on. And you should be very careful when cleaning. You can’t get water to the back of the LED module. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the elevation components and equipment. This step of cleaning can be carried out by the manufacturer during after-sales maintenance, or by the customers themselves. But considering that it will take some time to call the maintainer to clean, it is better to learn by oneself.

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