Classification and Advantage of taxi top LED Display Screen


Many people may not know some advantages of bus LED display. Although private cars are increasing, bus is still the first choice for people to travel, because the bus is convenient, fast and cheap. Moreover, because of its mobility, wide coverage and high arrival rate, bus body advertisements are especially favored by the media and advertisers. The categories and advantages of bus LED display are as follows:

LED Display Screen Product Diagram

Bus LED Display Screen Classified by Bead Spacing

1. P6:LED lamp bead spacing is 6mm, display effect is delicate 2, P7.62: horizontal spacing is 6mm, vertical spacing is 7.62mm 3, P10: lamp bead spacing is 10mm, this kind of bus uses more.

Classification by color

1. Monochrome: There are red, yellow, blue, green and white lights, which are mainly used for displaying road sign information on the front and back sides of buses. Generally, single red LED display screen is mostly used.

2. Double color: One screen has two kinds of color display, mainly used for the function screen of bus.

3. Full-color: also known as color LED screen, mainly used for full-color advertising information. Compared with single-color and double-color bus LED display, the area is larger, the production cost is higher, but the broadcast advertising effect is better.

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