What is the difference between cheap and expensive LED display screen?


What’s the difference between cheap and expensive LED displays? We all know to buy things, like cheap and good performance products, in the LED video wall industry, this phenomenon also exists. As soon as many led screen customers come, they ask if there is a cheap LED display, which is too expensive for you. So the price of cheap LED display is different from expensive LED display?

It makes sense to buy an LED display screen not only at the price, but also at the price. Price is a very important reference factor, but we still need to know a lot. Because some LED display manufacturers will fool customers who do not understand. Take the outdoor P10 advertising screen for example, some manufacturers may report about 2,000 yuan /, why is it so cheap? Therefore, the use of LED beads or even IC chips has low cost and general quality effect. At the beginning, there is no obvious difference between the playback effect and the display screen with high quality lamp beads. But after a year or two, problems arise, such as color aberration, or screen dead lights, etc. Sometimes frequent overhauls bring troubles to users and affect the advertising effect.

In addition, it is worth noting that relatively inexpensive LED displays, such products are not really cheap, the quality can be assured. For example, the same P10 outdoor full-color display screen, the use of regular and foreign brands of beads, generally using foreign beads of the P10 display price is high, because of the high cost of beads. Different types of outdoor full-color LED display, such as P10 and P16, the same size configuration, the price of P10 will be high, because the number of beads per unit area of P10 is higher density, the cost is naturally high. Other factors affecting the price of LED display include scanning mode, box type, module size, etc.

Above is the difference between cheap LED display and expensive LED display. Particular attention should be paid to products with very low prices. Customers who intend to buy full-color LED display should have a general understanding of the products and market when they buy them, and then compare them.

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