How to cool the LED display video wall within 20 square meters

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High temperature weather has increased the difficulty of maintenance for many outdoor LED electronic video displays. In hot summer, how can outdoor full-color LED displays like p4 p5 p6 p8 p10 not be affected by high temperature and reasonable heat dissipation. Next, the author gives the heat dissipation suggestions for the LED display screen with an area of less than 20 square meters and an area of more than 20 square meters.
How to cool the LED display within 20 square meters
1. For the area to the north, it is not recommended to use air conditioner for LED display within 20 square meters. If conditions permit, it is enough to use two small fans.
2. Some cities in the South and other places need to install two fans. The diameter of the fans is about 500mm, depending on the size of the installation space.
How to cool the LED display with more than 20 square meters
1. If the installation position of the LED display is near the wall, it depends on how much the LED display can protrude. If it can protrude one meter from the wall, it is recommended to select the fan according to the size of the area, and the fan installation position is arranged above the side of the screen in turn. If the LED display purchased by the customer is 80 square p16 outdoor LED full color screen, it is necessary to select 6 axial flow fans with a diameter of about 600mm. In particular, it is necessary to ensure that the fan exhausts to the outside and is equipped with a protective net, so as to prevent the technicians who maintain the display screen from sucking in clothes and causing personal injury when maintaining the display screen. In addition, aluminum alloy louvers shall be installed on the air outlet of the fan on the outer aluminum plastic plate to achieve the waterproof effect.
The full-color LED display screen hanging on the wall can also be equipped with air conditioner. It is necessary to ensure that the host of the air conditioner is placed in a position without affecting the overall appearance of the wall. There are requirements for the selection of air conditioning. Generally, the air conditioning of 1.5p, 2p and 3P is the most used, and the air conditioning of 12 square 1p in northern cities is calculated; the air conditioning of 9 square 1p is calculated in southern cities. If the area of LED outdoor display screen is large, the air conditioner will be directly customized by the manufacturer. If the area is small, the air conditioner will be purchased from the exclusive store, but the cooling air conditioner of display screen has the function of power compensation.
2. If the installation method of LED display screen is column, it is better to use fan to dissipate heat. The fan is installed on the aluminum-plastic plate on the back of the large screen, and it is better to lean up to make the form of louver so that the rain does not enter the display screen when it rains. If it is double column, open several louvers in the middle of the double column. The Baiye window is the air inlet and the upper fan is the exhaust port, so as to form complete air convection and better heat dissipation effect.

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