Creative LED display is becoming the hot for large video screen

creative led display

The birth of the creative LED display is a wonderful embodiment of the deep exploration of the city. In recent years, led rotating screen, led film screen, led tile screen, LED ring screen, led wormhole screen It seems that in this field, only your thinking can’t reach the depth, but not the reach of their flexible tentacles.

1、 The field of dance beauty is the main position of LED display screen, and the sense of existence is increasing dramatically: at present, the tide of LED creative display screen industry has swept the world, and with various artistic performances, business displays and leisure entertainment fields, the ultimate pursuit of dynamic dance beauty effect, creative display is also increasingly becoming the hot spot in the field of large screen display and the competitive focus of screen enterprises.
In addition, the LED creative display screen has inserted wings to realize infinite creativity for the promising stage performance, making the scene create a variety of colorful and beautiful visual feast. The vigorous development of this field seems to be the closest link between the LED display industry and the development of the times and the city. No matter what kind of new breakthrough in modeling, or what kind of subversive improvement in technology, it is the innovation and change of “uneasy with the status quo” of LED display screen. It seems that we can find the figure of LED display screen from the hot words and popular elements of the times in recent years.
Led stage rental screen is developed with the help of the splicing and disassembling features of LED display screen. It has always been known as the “labor model” of LED display screen. The feature of LED stage rental screen module is easy to “disassemble” and can be assembled into various display modes. And customized requirements are high, often in the background of stage, evening party with other effects of the stage to show a shocking audio-visual experience. As a powerful equipment for shaping the atmosphere on the current stage, the culture, entertainment and sports industries are developing rapidly. In recent years, the rental screen market has developed rapidly, but the market performance is chaotic and the product quality is missing.
But in general, driven by the development of the entertainment industry, the future led stage rental screen market development will be brilliant, and with the continuous extension of small spacing LED display screen, the future higher-end led rental screen will be able to meet the higher and more perfect stage atmosphere.

2、 Creative LED display is responsible for the appearance, and glass curtain wall leads the new image of outdoor media market: in recent years, major cities have made a large area of rectification of the city appearance, aiming at standardizing the new image of outdoor media market, making unremitting efforts to create a new city appearance. For the carrier of outdoor media, led glass curtain wall has been widely concerned in the field of outdoor display. The rise of this field is good news for LED large screen display.
With the improvement of LED display packaging technology year by year, and the continuous breakthrough of LED display point spacing technology, led glass curtain wall display screen, as an emerging outdoor media market, will appear in our vision more and more frequently. What’s more, led glass curtain wall, with its high brightness, wide viewing angle, adjustable screen area and other characteristics, has gradually replaced the traditional advertising information to present a single billboard, light box and so on, and has become a new force for outdoor advertising media.
Led glass curtain wall products show a clear trend of diffusion from the first tier cities to the second and third tier cities. And it is widely used in busy streets, stations, shopping malls, landmark buildings, activity centers and other cities.
It is worth noting that in the past two years, the LED small space market has shown a hot scene, and its outdoor application trend is obvious. Taking the emerging lamp pole screen as an example, through the combination of lighting, Internet, video monitoring, information release and other system technologies, the smart street lamp system has become the focus of media attention in the construction of smart city.

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