Intelligent VMS led video display transportation for led screen manufacturers 

VMS led display

With the development of LED electronic screen enterprises, its system has been improved,especially for outdoor small pixel pitch like p2.5 p.29 p3 p3.33 p3.91 and p4 led panels. The improvement of the led intelligent video wall system is reflected in the increasingly perfect technical standards and the initial scale of its industry.In the face of the rapid development of smart city construction, urban transportation must be innovated and explored with new thinking and new concept to realize the intelligent transportation mode. To promote the development of intelligent transportation in the direction of intelligence is conducive to the landing of smart cities.
With the rise of Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, the intelligent transportation industry has entered the stage of rapid expansion of market demand, and because of good market efficiency, it is regarded as a new economic growth point by local governments. Intelligent transportation is gradually moving from concept to reality, which means its future is increasingly clear and its development situation is good.

Compared with developed countries, China’s smart led display intelligent transportation industry has a variety of constraints and bottlenecks to break through. In the early stage of its development, the United States, Japan and Europe all rely on the active promotion of some powerful LED electronic screen enterprises, as well as the government’s support and attention to the role played by enterprises. Therefore, the key to the development of China’s intelligent transportation lies in many non-technical problems. Most of the domestic intelligent transportation industry is small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are not many enterprises with strength. The government needs to innovate in the system and lead in the policy, so that the intelligent transportation enterprises in China can get real support in technology, capital, talent and other aspects, so as to play a real role in the market.
As a strategic emerging industry of new economic growth point, intelligent transportation has good market efficiency and broad market prospect. The application scope in the field of security is also very broad. Just take the airport as an example, there are more than 100 large and medium-sized airports in China. According to the 10-20 kilometer boundary of each airport, the market capacity will be more than 5 billion yuan. It is expected that in the next five years, China will establish urban traffic command centers in more than 200 large and medium-sized cities. The center will integrate public security traffic GIS integrated business management, video monitoring, signal control, traffic information detection, GPS vehicle positioning, communication dispatching command and traffic information release systems. Combined with the market demand analysis and relevant planning in the future, China’s intelligent transportation industry is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 20% of the market scale in the next few years, and the market scale is expected to exceed 88 billion yuan by 2021.
Secondly, the policy support is increasing. China’s development of its industry is closely related to the government’s strong support at the policy level. In other words, policy support is a powerful driver for the rapid development of the intelligent transportation industry.
Finally, with the development of LED electronic screen enterprises, the intelligent transportation system continues to improve. The improvement of its system is reflected in the increasingly perfect technical standards and the initial scale of its industry. In terms of technical standards, China has preliminarily completed the standard system of national intelligent transportation system, which provides a strong guarantee for the standardized development of intelligent transportation; in terms of market scale, after years of development, China’s intelligent transportation industry has taken shape, and the current market scale has exceeded 70 billion yuan.

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