Shopping mall or store needs LED video wall screen to advertise

led video store display

Now LED electronic screen wall from the former led display  enterprise usage to street public use, basically now every physical store will buy a LED electronic screen wall and put it in the front door or store, the advertising benefits of LED electronic screen is irreplaceable.
With the “leap forward” development of LED electronic screen industry and the vigorous promotion of urbanization process in China, coupled with the continuous popularization of efficient environmental lighting, the whole LED industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Among all LED application fields in the world, general lighting and automotive lighting are the fastest growing markets, which account for the majority of the whole industry, and gradually become an important factor to promote the rapid growth of LED market scale in the future.

Today, with the rapid development of the times, with the continuous progress of digital technology, information technology, Internet, mobile Internet and social media, as well as the continuous progress in many fields, the trend of media fragmentation is increasingly intensified, and the audience’s time to contact with media is further divided. At this time, Shenzhen LED display is the place to use, which can attract the attention of the target audience in an effective time , will become the most potential industry. The rapid rise of LED electronic screen industry in Shenzhen marks a new era for mass advertising media. With the development of LED and digital media, LED has become a source of digital media. It is not only an extension of traditional outdoor media and TV advertising media, but also effectively combined with social media and mobile terminals such as microblog, LBS positioning, etc., to build a three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers, while giving more creative new technologies, and shaping its own core media value. Shenzhen LED electronic screen has brought value to the media.

LED large screen with the meaning of “modernization”
Since China’s reform and opening up, the city construction is changing with each passing day, LED industry also ushered in the spring at this time. LED large screen media construction location is mostly located in the landmark construction of the core city, the central business district, the traffic thoroughfare, as well as the place with dense traffic. With the urbanization process and the popularity of private cars, these places have become an indispensable important place for urban mainstream people to engage in business leisure, catering and shopping, work and go out. Because of its scarcity and core characteristics, LED large screen has become a media channel with marketing value and quality. In the whole LED industry, the LED large screen area is relatively large, with eye-catching, strong visual impact, wide range of perspective and dazzling color and other characteristics, with good visual distance and super clear, high refresh video display screen, plus the unique space advantages, Shenzhen LED large screen media has always attracted the attention of urban people. It is also popular with people. The modern city construction can not do without the figure of LED, and the modern people can not do without its brilliant picture. Shenzhen LED electronic screen really entered the city development and people’s life.
The brand war of LED electronic screen
After several years, even more than ten years of vigorous development, Shenzhen LED outdoor media operators continue to emerge. At the same time, we can clearly see that the level of outdoor LED large screen media operators is even more mixed, but in order to maintain the normal operation of the media, some of them do not care about the quality and content of advertising, which has a more serious impact on the media image. Therefore, in order to better and further realize the differentiation of media and the stable and healthy development of the industry, it is very important to establish a good brand image of the media and focus on the long-term sustainable development and continuous innovation. Through a series of professional data, it is not difficult to see the existence of this reality. More famous outdoor media experts also hold this view. It is very important to constantly innovate and improve the quality of media. Some LED outdoor media have launched new technologies such as human screen interaction and two-dimensional code scanning, which attract consumers to actively participate in the process of brand communication It can effectively improve the integration value and communication value of media advertising. So brand value can not be ignored.

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