How to determine LED video display advertising panels quality ?


Where does the LED display show better quality? Many LED display manufacturers and enterprises will agree that their products are the best. With the continuous improvement of the field of LED display technology, various kinds of LED display screens in the society are more and more widely used, and the LED screen is also on different occasions, some occasions will have higher requirements for the LED display screen. We all know the gathering place of LED display screen in Shenzhen, but not all manufacturers in Shenzhen have strong backing strength, so for the quality of LED display screen, here to explain the identification of the quality of LED display screen. Many people do not know that heat dissipation will directly affect the luminous efficiency of LED.

At present, high-quality LED display solves the problem of heat dissipation in design and technology, and can have a life of more than 30,000 hours, but the poor design or technology of LED display often only has a life of several thousand hours or even shorter. From professional development, design, production, strict production management, enterprise selection of components and materials, from advanced automated operation machinery to quality control of production process, every link is a key link.


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