How to distinguish between LED words and LED display

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The LED luminous character is mainly composed of metal parts, LED light source and font shell. It has simple structure and does not need the supporting use of LED display unit board. After the power is turned on, it is transmitted to the relevant program programmed by it. LED display works by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. It is a professional display screen that can display text, graphics, animation, video and other information. The specific differences between the two are described in detail below.

mesh led wall
1、 In terms of appearance, through our eyes, we can easily see the difference between font and a whole display screen. LED luminous words are composed of strokes, and LED display screen is composed of unit boards. The two outdoor forms are easy to distinguish.
2、 In terms of composition, as mentioned before, LED display screen is composed of unit board and additional, which is more complex than LED luminous words. In addition, peripheral fixation, frame, waterproof equipment, etc. Are an indispensable part of an LED display screen.
3、 In terms of luminous effect, there are many types of luminous words. Taking blister words as an example, the luminescence is relatively soft. The LED display screen emits light directly, and the lamp beads of the unit board emit light directly, and the luminous intensity is relatively strong.
4、 In terms of feeling, the LED luminous words are static and will not move. The words used in the LED display can be changed at will, and the font, size and content can be adjusted in the software at any time. The LED luminous characters can not be replaced at will. If they need to be replaced, they still need to be made again.

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