How to enhance the protection measures of indoor LED electronic screen

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At present, SMD led display is the main mature product in the market. It is widely used in conference rooms, courts, public security bureaus, procuratorial organs, command centers, television stations and other places with small spacing. Channel sales are widely used in shopping malls, hotels, schools, public construction, etc.
The typical indoor LED electronic screen leaves the factory without fault, but after a period of time, due to the bad bulb, thermal lighting phenomenon and people’s careless collision, the bulb phenomenon will appear. In the installation site environment, air conditioning will affect the temperature difference of near-field direct air, large-scale bad points will occur, the site environment is too humid, and the bad rate in the screen increases every day.
How to solve the display problems caused by water vapor, dust, collision and defective lamp ratio, improve product quality and reduce the burden and cost of after-sales service is the problem that led manufacturers want to solve.
Therefore, in order to effectively solve the problems mentioned, the so-called surface coating solution was created.
These solutions are based on the current indoor clock accessory LED display, and the equipment can now be directly combined with the existing SMT table accessory production line.
After 72 hours of aging, the so-called protective layer is coated on the surface of the backplane, which can wrap the conductive needle to prevent the influence of moisture and water vapor.
The general protection level of IP40 (front x dust, rear x waterproof) led display screen products have the advantages of effectively improving the protection level process of LED lamp surface, providing anti-collision effect, preventing lamp phenomenon, reducing the speed of full screen damage (PPM), etc. these solutions can meet the needs of the current market, make the production mature, and will not excessively increase the overall cost burden of indoor LED electronic screen.
In addition, the back of the printed circuit board (PCB) has a protection process, which can maintain the three kinds of anti paint protection flow used in the past. Generally, the protection level of the back of the PCB is improved through the spraying process, and the surface of the integrated circuit (IC) is coated to form a protective layer, so as to prevent the failure of the integrated circuit components of the drive circuit.
For indoor LED electronic screen, these solutions can coat the exposed conductive pins, effectively prevent the failure points caused by moisture and dust, and provide the effect of friction protection. Currently, the surface coating solutions include gob display, AOB display, etc

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